Young Adult


Even though I want to be as optimistic as I can every moment of my imperfect life, there’s instances where I fail to do so. At school, there’s endless schoolworks. At home, there’s a strict consignment of rules. At the office, there’s mountainloads of deadlines. Craziness. What’s a normal teenager to do?


I could go on a rant rampage right now & nobody could do anything about it. But that was me before. I know I’m a responsible young adult now. Heck yeah, I’m eighteen already. No matter how much someone says I’m still too young, too naive, too crass, too whatever; there is one thing I know— they can’t know any better. What’s essential is how I view & handle myself. Right now, I choose to mature.


On a positive note, I will be taking a break from blogging & social networking for a couple of weeks. Break— meaning I will be coming back. I really don’t know when but I will. That is, after I finish taking care of my roles as an engineering student, campus writer, family guy, so on & so forth. Pinky promise.


Dad’s leather jacket | Diamond floral polo | Oxygen shorts | Lyrique boots

Topsy Turvy


No matter how extravagant or exciting your job is, living life everyday tends to make the usual routine close to stereotypical. Sometimes, it’s really refreshing to experience something extraordinary just so that your fill of inspiration & adrenaline is satisfied. There’s always the need for stuffs that are out of the box.


Having chows in carinderias around Intramuros or eating at the Mapua canteen almost everyday has contributed to my dull monotonous “food life”. My stomach needs some pampering din no! So the other day, we resolved to eat at Pan de Amerikana along the Katipunan area.

I’ve seen this resto numerous times before— mostly on TV features due to its inimitable stature. Walking inside for the first time, it felt as if I was about to gobble my lunch at Wonderland’s official cafeteria. Will you just look at their crazy quirky insides!



  • Pork Caldereta
  • Ilocano Pinakbet
  • Barry’s Chicken
  • Bangus Sisig


Despite its ingenious design, the dining experience though was short of ordinary. The menu & dishes looked & tasted like it was served from a normal turo-turo next door. :( SHAME. The creative backdrop won me over though. It makes for great photo ops. :)


Rating: 7/10
- Carinderia cuisine at a cunningly artistic setup
Oh No, Not Again!

Whenever I think about my progress as a blogger starting from my first months up ‘til the present, I can’t help but notice the fact that there’s this kind of phase I go through with regards to choosing clothes. It’s inherent in a normal teenage life to have these weird dispositions— changing preferences all of a sudden at a rate of anonymity.


One day, I found myself looking at my preliminary blog posts circa-2011 & had a laugh. Needless to say, I was intrigued. I think I was the one of the chief officers of the Color Blocking fanclub during those days. >:) My gulay.


It’s been a while I reckon. Months have passed since I incorporated the trend with an outfit. Not that it ain’t my style anymore. I’d like to think of it as an evolution. If Pokemons evolve, so do humans! But then again, it’s not too bad to revisit and give it one more try once in a while. ;)


Crazy Shirt sweater | DIY shorts | Bangkok tiangge socks | Ray-ban wayfarers | Playboy boots


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